I/O Cable

Industrial Printer Port dedicated cable

We use the link line is built by the company's own dedicated line, that one to four generation models are all unified specification, so do not worry about upgrading in the future there will be the question does not apply, so that the machine upgrade more convenient. And we host using the relay circuit board design in Japan, do not worry about the link after injection machine problems caused by voltage. Make use of more secure.

Due to prolonged operation, the line intensity is somewhat request, we request the wire is a high standard, expect to bring customers a better user experience。

Line No. Description

Input Connection Output Connection
Input COM 1 Red Mold Close Control 10 Light Green、11 Green
Mold Opened Signal 2 Pink Robot Control 12 Light Blue、13 Blue
After Eject Signal 3 Orange Eject Pin Control 14 Purple、15 Brown
Input Signal Remains 4 Yellow Cycle Start 16 Gray、17 White
    Output Control Remains 18 Light Red、19 White+Black point
    Alrams 24 Black、25 White+Black Line

Camera Cable

The Company's Camera Link cable, from the first generation HIROSE dedicated cable line, but because of high maintenance costs, coupled with the difficulty in obtaining the wire, so I changed it to use the second generation of the USB cable, the wire is damaged, you can immediately at each store on using, so that the wire easier maintenance.