Our Company

As an exclusive manufacture of Mold Protection Device for Plastic Injection Molding Machine in Taiwan, Adotec was formally established on Novenber 10, 2005, we have high technology and experimentation system to control the quality of our production supported by a team of specialized R&D staffs.

Our device is easy setup with touching screen panel and equipped with progressive Double speed CCD camera confirm all operation in 0.016 second , it can be precisely detect micro parts and component for increase productivity and reduce cycle time. Meanwhile, there is an alarm record cheeking function for last 19 times of anomaly condition image to be checked through touching screen panel by simple operation.

The quality of our product and satisfaction for our customers.We have got a good reputation and trust from our customer such as: Tyco Electronic Co.(Guangdong, China), Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd (Foxconn) and…etc.